Mamore Gap, Inishowen Peninsula, Co Donegal, Ireland

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Location: Donegal
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Mamore Gap on the Inishowen Peninsula, Co Donegal, Ireland is a Discovery Point on the Wild Atlantic Way. This scenic route twists and turns through the gap along a steep but popular driving and cycling route. This meandering road has great views and is also well known for its shrines. The holy well of St Eigne has an annual mass on Mamore and is held in memory of the Penal days when religion had to be practised in secret. Formed during the last Ice Age, Mamore and Inishowen, like the rest of North-West Europe, was completely buried beneath an ice-sheet up to 3,000 feet thick that moulded the hills and valleys into their current beauty.  

Mamore-Gap, Donegal, Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

1. Mamore Gap, Inishowen Peninsula, Co Donegal, Ireland

Altitude: 234 m