Traffic and Transport Reports

Traffic and Transport Assessment and Traffic Impact Assessment Reports

Coakley Consulting Engineers have over 15 years experience in the preparation of Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) Reports, more recently known as Traffic and Transport Assessment (TTA) Reports and Transport Statements throughout Ireland for a wide variety of Development Planning projects from large 2,000 unit residential developments to one-off housing and from retail developments such as shopping centres to large mixed use developments.

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Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) Reports and Traffic and Transport Assessment (TTA) Reports are required by your Local Authority and County Council engineers to demonstrate that a proposed development or project is sustainable now and into the future in terms of traffic, transport and local road infrastructure and ensure that these projects comply with local and national transport policies and objectives. A TIA or TTA report involves a comprehensive appraisal of the development in terms traffic and transport issues and can be a stand alone report or as part of a Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Report for larger projects and developments.

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Coakley Consulting Engineers have prepared TIA and TTA reports for major residential, retail, commercial, industrial, school, nursing home, hotel, leisure, mixed use and office developments, all of which were in accordance with the relevant national and international guidelines and standards, including the National Roads Authority ‘Traffic and Transport Assessment Guidelines‘ and the Institution for Highways and Transportation ‘Guidelines for Traffic Impact Assessment’ respectively.

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Combined with our Traffic Engineering, Junction Design and Road Design experience in addition to our knowledge of the planning system, Coakley Consulting Engineers provide clients with comprehensive and robust TIA and TTA reports which can can up to the scrutiny of the local authority, potential appeals, appellants, An Bord Pleanála and oral hearings. Where required Coakley Consulting Engineers will recommend practical and cost effective measures such as traffic management plans, junction upgrades, parking improvements and other mitigation measures to ensure that Local Authority and any potential third party appellants consider your development sustainable from a traffic and transport point of view.

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Why do you need a TTA or TIA and when are they required?

Although the National Roads Authority document ‘Traffic and Transport Assessment Guidelines’ contain thresholds values for the requirement of a TTA or TIA Report for a proposed development as outlined below, many local authorities, planning departments and roads engineering have their own criteria and threshold values for the requirement of a TTA or TIA report when assessing a planning application. Core NRA thresholds include:

  • Traffic to and from the development exceeds 10% of the traffic flow on the adjoining road.
  • Traffic to and from the development exceeds 5% of the traffic flow on the adjoining road where congestion exists or the location is sensitive.*
  • 100 trips in / out combined in the peak hours for the proposed development
  • Residential development in excess of 200 dwellings.
  • Retail and leisure development in excess of 1,000m2 GFA (Gross Floor Area).
  • Office, education and hospital development in excess of 2,500m2

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Other NRA Thresholds near National Roads

  • residential developments in excess of 50-100 dwellings in urban areas
  • Industrial development in excess of 5,000m2
  • Distribution and warehousing in excess of 10,000m2
  • stadia with a capacity of over 1500 people
  • community facilities (including churches) in excess of 1000sqm GFA
  • when a development have 100 or more parking spaces provided
  • when the predicted traffic generated by the development exceeds 10% of the turning movements at a junction with a national road, or 5% in congested or sensitive locations.

TTA Report may also be required if the development generates heavy good vehicles, is located in a sensitive area in terms of traffic and congestion or if the development is not consistent with the relevant County Development Plan or Local Area Plan or there is local concern regarding the development.

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What is contained in a TTA or TIA report?

During the pre-planning process, it is essential that effective scoping study be discussed and agreed with the local roads engineer, local planning department or NRA / highway authorities to determine the content and assessment criteria for the proposed development such traffic surveys or junctions to be assessed. This scoping study will ensure that the content of the TTA report is restricted to the items agreed and will often result in the significant cost savings to the developer and importantly reduces the potential for the local authority to either outright Refuse Planning or request Further Information on the grounds of traffic and transport issues. Some key areas contained in a TTA or TIA report include:

  • Existing Road Network
  • Existing Traffic Volumes
  • Existing Development (if applicable)
  • Proposed Development Details
  • Data Collection including traffic, parking and topographical surveys
  • Analysis of all existing Data
  • Estimated Trip Rates (i.e. vehicles per house, etc)
  • Estimated Traffic Generation from the development
  • Alternative Modes of Transport
  • Junction Analysis and Design
  • Mitigation Measures
  • Final TTA or TIA Report, Drawings and Graphics

What can Coakley Consulting Engineers do to help?

Coakley Consulting Engineers (CCE) have significant experience in the preparation of many successful Traffic and Transport Assessment (TTA) Reports, Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) Reports and Transport Statements throughout Ireland for both large and small developments. CCE pride themselves with creating, where possible, a good a working relationship with the local authority personnel and highway authorities at the outset of the project in order to ensure an efficient and cost effective planning process for beginning to end. CCE can also provide and arrange traffic counts, parking survey and road safety audit services when required.

CCE would be delighted to discuss your project and requirements and provide a cost effective quotation. Contact CCE on 086 302 9935 or by email at