Inishbofin Island, Co Donegal, Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

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Location: Donegal
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Inishbofin Island is off the north west coast of Co Donegal, Ireland and is a Discovery Point on the Wild Atlantic Way. It is 5km from Magheroarty and there is a boat service when required but not a regular ferry. The residents of the island are native Irish language speakers and the name of the Island in Irish is Inis Bó Finne  meaning Island of the White Cow. The reference to white cow is thought to have come from Irish Mythology and folklore where a great cow named Glas Ghaibheann could travel around Ireland in one day providing milk to anyone who needed it. The Glas appears in the story of the hero Lugh who killed the Fomorian king Balor of the Evil Eye. After Balor sought refuge on the nearby Tory island when he was driven from the mainland by the warriors Fir Bolg he wanted to possess the Glas. When he attacked and stole the Glas he stopped off on Inishbofin on his return to Tory where the cow drank from a well. 

Inishbofin Island, Co Donegal, Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

It is a 300 acre island of two halves connected by a narrow, sandy col. The Island is a sanctuary for bird life such as the endangered corncrake, migratory Arctic terns, peregrine falcons, barnacle geese and choughs. The island is well known for its surfing, kayaking and fishing but the views are something to behold. 

Inishbofin Island Map, Co Donegal, Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

1. Inishbofin Island, Co Donegal, Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

Altitude: 21 m