Tourism App Design

ActiveMe create great and affordable Tourism Apps for towns, cities and other tourism destinations. See our App Portfolio and range of Tourism Media Services we can provide to you. With ActiveME, its quick, simple and affordable to develop your own Tourism App on iPhone and Android now.


Your Tourism App will have its own unique App Icon, Launch Page and App branding colours. The internal App pages will be branded with your colours and icons but the app pages will use the same carefully designed, easy to use and thoroughly tested layouts as our ActiveME App. Your App will only contain content for your destination and only businesses you approve.  

YOUR LAUNCH SCREEN: We design your own unique launch screen which appears when your App turns on.

ActiveME Launch Screen            Skellig Coast Launch Screen                  Inishowen Launch Screen

Launch pages

YOUR HOMEPAGE: This is the main menu page on the App. It will be branding with your colours and your unique logo but will have the same button layout as ActiveMe.

Home Pages

If you would like any customisation other than our ActiveME app template, this would involve some extra cost. will provide the basic ‘Things to See and Do’ map information for your area and you can then request and add you own text, photos and other content.  

What can your App do?

Your App has been carefully designed to include every business and tourism feature you’ll need. See full details here

  1. Find and contact each Business by list or map view
  2. Find ‘Things to See and Do’ by list of map view
  3. Find local Events by list of map view
  4. Map Pages give GPS directions
  5. Plan your Holiday – Add businesses, ‘things to See and do’ or events to a favourite list
  6. Make a Trip Diary in your ‘Favourites’ and Share your experiences* 
  7. Your App will be ‘powered by’ providing necessary the ‘Things to See and Do’
  8. We have 1000’s of walking routes, cycle routes, watersports locations plus many more activities and points of interest

Find a Business

All businesses can be easily found by category and you can view the list on a map.


Find Things to See and Do

Our great information can also be easily searched by category, distance and by unique icons on the maps


Find an Event

Easily add your own events and allow people to find and attends events by location and by date

Find by Map and Your Location

Using GPS, you can find any walk, cycle or other ‘things to see or do’ on the map and follow the routes

You can also easily find Business and Event locations on the maps using the unique icons for each category

Social Media

With one click you can share your favourite businesses, events or ‘Things to see or do’ with your friends