Wicklow Gaol, Kilmantin Hill,Wicklow Town, Co Wicklow, Ireland

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Wicklow Gaol on Kilmantin Hill, Wicklow Town, Co Wicklow, Ireland is a Discovery Point on "Ireland's Ancient East".

Wicklow Gaol is thought to be one of the most haunted places in Ireland and it has a long history of cruelty. It was built in 1702 and closed in 1924 and was known locally as ‘The Gates of Hell’. Thousands of prisoners were held there during the 1798 Rebellion, The Famine and the war of Independence. In the early days prisoners depended on the gaolers for food, heat and light and had to pay for these necessities.. When prisoners finished their sentences they had to pay the gaoler to leave the prison.

In the 19th Century the gaolers left prisoners out at night to rob and murder and they would be back in the gaol before morning.

It is now a tourist attraction where a visitor can experience first hand the sights and sounds of harsh life in the dungeon.

1. Wicklow Gaol, Kilmantin Hill,Wicklow Town, Co Wicklow, Ireland

Altitude: 59 ft