Whiddy Island, near Bantry, Co Cork, Ireland

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Location: Cork
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Whiddy Island is located in Bantry Bay (one of the deepest natural harbours in the world) and is 15mins by ferry from Bantry. In the late 1800's it had a population of around 450 but now around 20. Accommodation is mainly in restored houses and the island can be explored by bike (available for hire) or walking. There is one pub with food and live music available in summer.

It is peaceful and a haven for wildlife as well as a great place to spend a day wandering. It is influenced by the Gulf Stream creating a unique ecology and wealth of wildlife.

On the islandis a a fortified battery built by the British after the arrival of the French Armada in 1796. The island was briefly used as a United States air base during World War I and now has a large oil terminal.

1. Whiddy Island, near Bantry, Co Cork, Ireland

Altitude: 39 m