Tintern Abbey, Wexford, Ireland – Things to See and Do

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Location: Wexford
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Tintern Abbey was founded in the 13th Century near New Ross in Co. Wexford in the south east of Ireland.
It was founded by The Earl of Pembroke William Marshal after he promised God, in the midst of a shipwreck, that if he survived he would found a monastery wherever he washed up. That happened to be Bannow Bay and he made good on his promise. It was then occupied by The Cistercians who originally came from Wales and then purchased by The family of Colclough (pronounced Coakley - a version of my name!!!!) in 1575.  The Colclough established in Co. Wexford in the sixteenth century from Staffordshire in England. Coakley is the modern form of the fine old West Cork surname MacKeighley but over time merged with the English name Colclough also pronounced Coakley. The Abbey is often called Tintern de Voto or Tintern of the Vow.

1. Tintern Abbey, Wexford, Ireland - Things to See and Do

Altitude: 14 m