St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland – Top 10 Things to See and Do

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Saint Patrick's Cathedral has been at the heart of Dublin and Ireland's history and culture for over 800 years. For long periods it was the largest enclosed space in Ireland and it remains the largest Cathedral in the country. It has been visited by some of Irish history's most influential individuals from the dispicable Cromwell to William of Orange and King James I, to Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert. It is the final resting place for one of Ireland's most famous men, Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's travels and Dean (head) of the Cathedral. It has witnessed the birth of the expression "to chance your arm" within its walls as well as being the site of the very first school in Ireland, the Cathedral Choir School in 1432. It is today the National Cathedral for the Church of Ireland a place of worship.

1. St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland - Top 10 Things to See and Do

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