Reginald’s Tower, Waterford City, Ireland

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Location: Waterford
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Reginald's Tower is located in the heart of Waterford City in an area known as the Viking Triangle. The city is in the south east of Ireland and is a Discovery Point on Ireland' Ancient East.

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Reginald’s Tower has been in use with over 800 years and is Ireland's oldest civic building. The first tower on the site was built in 914 and the settlement is in an area known today as the Viking Triangle. The tower is rich in history and at various times has been used as a Mint, Prison and Military Store. Waterford was attacked by the Anglo Normans in 1170 and their leader Strongbow met his wife Aoife in Reginald's Tower. The first Viking raiders established a settlement near Waterford in 853 and finally established themselves at Waterford in 914 and building what would be Ireland's first city. The city was taken over again by Anglo-Norman invaders in the 12th century and was a centre of the Old English in medieval Ireland. The name Waterford comes from Old Norse Veðrafjǫrðr meaning ram fjord and the Irish name Port Láirge meaning Lárag's port. Photos by Failte Ireland

Viking Longship Reginalds-Tower-Waterford, Ireland Ancient East, Failte Ireland


1. Reginald's Tower, Waterford City, Ireland

Altitude: 6 m