Nora Barnacle’s House, Galway

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Location: Galway
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Nora Barnacle was born in Galway City in March 1884. She met James Joyce in Dublinin 1904 and soon after went to live in Trieste. They had a son Giorgio in 1905 and a daughter Lucia in 1907. They had a complex relationship as they had different personalities, tastes and cultural interests. At the beginning they loved each other passionately as evidenced by the numerous pornographic letters they exchanged. They eventually married in 1931 and remained together until Joyces death in 1941. She died in Zurich in 1951 aged 67. Her house at No 8 Bowling Green Galway is now a private museum displaying the couples letters and photographs.

1. Nora Barnacle's House, Galway

Altitude: 7 m