Mullenakill & Annagarriff Nature Reserves

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Location: Armagh
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Mullenakill NR: This breathtaking expanse of intact lowland raised bog is 8000 years old.  The peat is 9 metres deep at the bog’s core. The bog supports a group of plants that are specially adapted to living in such difficult conditions. Sphagnum mosses trap water to keep the bog wet which helps to make peat and these wet conditions are great for frogs, newts, dragonflies and damselflies but more surprisingly lizards are found here too.  The best time to visit is April to September for flowers, lizards, butterflies and birds and November to March for snipe and woodcock.
Annagarriff NR: Set in the open bog landscape of Peatlands Park, Annagariff Wood cloaks a drumlin in trees.  Oak, birch, hazel and holly as well as rare alder buckthorn, yew and aspen are found here.  In fact, Peatlands Park is home to 95% of the Northern Ireland population of alder buckthorn.  Listen for the screeching call of the jay as it flies through the trees. Watch for long eared owls perched on the branches and for signs of badgers digging in the gravelly soil.  The best time to visit is May to September for wood ants, April to September for song birds and September to March for fungi and birds of prey.


1. Mullenakill & Annagarriff Nature Reserves

Altitude: 20 m