Kilkee Beach, Clare

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Kilkee Blue Flag Beach is a crescent shaped beach of golden sand. It has a very gradual slope towards the sea and has virtually no current which has given the beach the reputation as the safest bathing place in Ireland. Bathing and swimming is enjoyed at all stages of the tide. In addition to the strand, swimmers have the choice of several sandy coves and natural rock-enclosed pools including the famous Pollock Holes in which the water is changed by every tide. For the more adventurous, diving boards are provided at New Found Out and dives of up to 45 feet (13m) can be made into the open sea.

The beach has a number of interesting pools and good cliff walks. Disabled toilets in town square. This beach is lifeguard patrolled during the bathing season (lifeguard patrol times are displayed on the information noticeboard at the beach).

There is a great snorlking on swimming spot called the 'Pollock Holes' to the west of the beach on the rocky shore. When tide is going down, water remains in the holes in the rocky coast. The fish are 'trapped' when the tide drops and are there to view. There are a few different hole but one of the smaller pollock holes is most popular. Its about 20 metres long and 10 wide and you can dive in from the rocky side and snorkle like mad.

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1. Kilkee Beach, Clare

Altitude: 2 m