Culoo Rock Fishing Spot, Valentia Island, Kerry, Ireland

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Location: Kerry
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One of the best and most spectacular coastal fishing spots in Europe is Culoo Rock in an area of Valentia known as Paris (far right of the picture below). This spot is great for Mackerel fishing in late August and September and bottom fishing for ray and conger. One of the best days out in good weather. 

Culoo Rock from the west

CAUTION: DO NOT fish here during times of high wind and heavy swell as dangerous waves hit these rocks from all sides (see the photo gallery). 

Valentia Geokaun looking west to Culoo, Paris and Bray HeadThis area of Valentia Island could keep you busy for a few days. Next to the fishing spot is the Scult or Scoilt of Culoo, a natural split in the rock where a blow hole has formed and where the wild atlantic roars in. 'Back in the day' the story goes that people used to jump across the Scoilt of Culoo in wellington boots every Sunday!!

Scoilt of Culoo, Valentia Island, Kerry

Only 100m to the west of Culoo is Poll Gorm or the Blue Pool natural swimming pool. The pool is filled by the sea and is a great for a dip. 

Poll Gorm or the Blue Pool natural swimming pool, Valentia Island, Kerry, Ireland

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1. Culoo Rock Fishing Spot, Valentia Island, Kerry, Ireland

Altitude: 3 m