Beginish Island Southern Beach, Valentia Island, Kerry

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Location: Kerry
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The southern beach on Beginish Island is a remote and secluded sandy beach back by sand dunes on this uninhabited Island near the village of Knightstown on Valentia Island, County Kerry, Ireland. Beginish is protected from the Atlantic by Valentia Island and its magnificent sheltered beaches create an ideal place to swim, relax, picnic, kayak and go walking. If you can get to visit the island, its is more than likely you’ll have the place to yourself! Ask someone in Knightstown about getting a ferry to visit the Island. You can also go swimming with wild seals off the south western beach.

Beginish Island is a treasure trove of archaeological remains. A ruined monastery can be found on the eastern part of the island and circular stone huts and buildings on the island are remnants of a once vibrant maritime and religious community dating back to the Middle Ages. On the southwest-facing beach on the eastern end of Beginish is a group of eight houses, 15 cairns, and eight animal shelters, occupied between the 10th and 12th centuries, houses which appear to manifest evidence of early Norse/Viking occupation of Ireland. The earliest occupation of the site appears to represent a Scandinavian marine way-station, dated to the 10th century. It’s simply a gem of an Island.

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1. Beginish Island Southern Beach, Valentia Island, Kerry

Altitude: 3 m