Valentia Island Farmhouse Ice Cream Parlour and Dairy, Valentia Island, Co. Kerry, Ireland

  • Created: May 12, 2014
  • Updated: December 12, 2017
Address:Valentia Island, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Phone number:00353868068062

Sit on the Ice Cream Parlour terrace, gazing out over green fields and the sea view, eating homemade ice cream produced from the milk of the Daly’s pedigree herd of Fresian cows, it’s hard to imagine feeling better. This is happiness in a double whammy cornet full !!

Valentia Island Ice Cream Parlour

Welcome to the Valentia Island Ice Cream and Dairy. Founder Joe Daly is a third generation dairy farmer and he has diversified into making ice cream in 2006 to add more value to milk. Since then we have diversified even further into making buttermilk, bottled milk, and yoghurt. The very best way to enjoy the ice cream, of course, is to make your way to the tiny shop we have established in an old parlour on the farm on Valentia Island

“we face south; it’s good grass, it’s good land. Happy healthy cows produce happy, healthy milk.” 


Contact Details

Contact: Joe Daly
Phone: 00353868068062