How to Submit ?

Share your own favourite walks, cycles, surf spots or many other activities

The online Submit process is easy!

  1. Fill in the title, activity type, county and nearest town
  2. Use ONLY one Method to map your activity 1) Draw  2) Upload a GPS file  3) Use map grid references
  3. Find handy tips for mapping and drawing your activity here
  4. Photos make routes easy to follow and appealing. Add a good one for your cover photo.
  5. Remember to SAVE YOUR MAP when finished
  6. Its best if you describe the route and your experience well. Your map and photos will help you in this task
  7. Find the correct Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) map reference number here and for Northern Ireland here.
  8. Click 'Submit' when you have finished. It may take a few seconds to upload all your info and photos
  9. Remember you can always contact us to edit or update your guide at any time.

Using the App  to submit is the easiet and best fun (App coming soon)

  1. Our App is the easiest and fastest method to submit your own aadventures to us
  2. Click 'Tracker' and 'Start' and away you go!
  3. The App will record the route or point live with GPS as you walk or wherever you are
  4. Take a photo with the App, and it will pin the exact location of the photo on your map (max 15 photos)
  5. If you wish, you can pause recording the route if you stop for a break (this will be automatic in the future)
  6. Once you're finished, click 'Pause', then 'Save & Close'
  7. Your track will be stored on your phone and uploaded to (which may take a few minutes, wi-fi is best)

Remember, if you’re an established or budding travel writer please get in touch to create, sell and promote your own Premium Guides and earn commisson on any sales. See how to create a Premium Guide here.