How to draw a route?

Here are a few handy tip when drawing a route (Method 1):

  1. First, Zoom In by double clicking to where you want to draw
  2. Next select "DRAW" and click once to Add a point
  3. Trace your route by clicking once to Add each point
  4. Our map functions are similar to Google maps
    1. To move the map, 'click and hold' to drag the map
    2. Switch between Google map types like street, satellite and terrain using the dropdown (top right)
    3. Drag to Google Street View icon (yellow man) to see photos at street level
    4. Make the map bigger by clicking 'Full Screen'
  5. To Delete a point, select "EDIT" and double-click on a point on the map. Hint: Try Moving the point first
  6. Instead of deleting, Move a point, 'click and hold' on a point and drag to move
  7. Photos on your Walk  & Key waypoints for directions:
    1. Add a photo or info (i.e. directions) to a point: 'click' on any point, fill in the form, upload a photo and submit.
  8. Point of Interest POI (i.e. a castle),
    1. To add a nearby POI, select "ADD P.O.I." and 'click' a point on the map, fill in the form, add photo and submit
  9. To add a new point to a route, select 'Edit' and click near the line between two points to add a new point
  10. If you've had enough and want to start again, select "DELETE ALL"...arrrghhh
  11. Please let us know if you find any bugs or run into problems at 
  12. IMPORTANT: remember to click 'SAVE YOUR MAP AND CONTINUE' when your finished drawing

Then fill out the rest of the form and click 'SUBMIT'

Method 2: Upload your own GPX file from you GPS device. GPX is a universal file type for GPS information

Method 3: Type the Ordnance Survey Map Grid Reference number for all key 'waypoints' on your route. To find a grid reference, use your paper map OR draw a point on the map above and 'click' it to display the Grid Reference (Irish Grid format) and Latitude/Longitude of that point.

IMPORTANT: again remember to click 'SAVE YOUR MAP AND CONTINUE' when your finished with any mapping Method.

Thanks and best of luck.