Sea Synergy Marine Awareness and Activity Centre, Waterville, Co. Kerry, Ireland

  • Created: August 22, 2014
  • Updated: December 12, 2017
Address:Waterville, Co. Kerry
Phone number:0877850929

Sea Synergy Marine Awareness and Activity Centre is a marine interpretive centre located in the heart of the beautiful coastal village Waterville. Inside you can find fascinating and interactive displays on Ireland's marine life. See turtles, sharks, swordfish, bones from whales and dolphins and much more! Live animals in the tanks and kids touch pool to get a closer look at rocky shore animals. Explore the Seashore beach workshops and guided snorkeling available with local marine biologist Lucy Hunt MSc. Booking office for trips to UNESCO world heritage site; Skellig Michael, fishing and marine wildlife watching trips also.

Marine biologist Lucy Hunt with rare whale bones from Cuviers beaked whale in Sea Synergy Marine Awareness Centre

OPEN: MAY-OCT 11am-6pm

Contact number: Lucy Hunt 0877850929

Contact Details

Contact: Lucy Hunt
Phone: 0877850929